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A delicious combination of fruit and herbs for an explosion of 100% natural taste and without caffeine

LEMON TWIST: infused with lemon aroma and intense and decisive flavor – FENNEL, MINT AND LIQUORICE: infusion of fennel seeds, peppermint and liquorice – RED FRUITS: infusion in which the strawberry and raspberry marries red hibiscus and rose hip berries – GINGER AND LEMON: infused in which the lemon’s vivacity goes well with the spicy taste of ginger – CHERRY AND CANNELLA: infused in which the juicy taste of the cherry goes well with the spicy notes of cinnamon

Savor the intense and decisive aroma of Twinings’ choice and let yourself be carried away by its perfume into a world of pleasure

For a better conservation of the product, keep it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

INFUSION TIME 2-5 minutes

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